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Explore Opportunities and Careers in Life Sciences

Produced by students for students, POP's video series asks the questions you're thinking and explores jobs your curious about. From conversations with alumni to job profiles, there's something here for anyone building their pathway to the future.


Use these videos to spark a discussion with undergrads about their curiosities and concerns regarding their time at university and their professional futures. Faculty and students can use the videos in classrooms, clubs, student organizations and social groups to:


• Facilitate discussions of key challenges that students have identified in their educational journeys.

• Inform students about career options in Life Sciences through personable video profiles of professionals.


• Inform undergrads about various opportunities available to them via clubs, programs and university centres.


• Create virtual connections between undergrads and alumni through conversational videos that highlight advice and recommendations.


• Spark peer-to-peer inquiries and discussions that validate undergrad concerns regarding their education and future in a pro-active and positive manner.



POP uses the creative power of video to envision a future of career possibilities and opportunities for students in the Life Sciences. Our aims are to facilitate students’ ability to (1) identify and describe job opportunities related to the Life Sciences (2) develop confidence to formulate and implement goals that integrate personal and professional development related to the Life Sciences and (3) evaluate and communicate the impact of higher education on personal career goals.




Abokor Abdulkarim 2016

Human Biology and Global Health

Amber Lim 2018

Specialist in Psychology and Major in Human Biology: Neuroscience

Benjamin Tang 2015

Major in Animal Physiology and Minors in German and Cinema studies

Dan Derkach 2016

Neuroscience and Cell & Molecular Biology

Melanie Ramnauth 2017

Double Major in Human Biology and Physiology, and Minor in Psychology

Andy Fan 2016

Double Major in Cell & Molecular Biology and Human Biology: Health and Disease

Jessie Xue 2018

Double Major in Physiology and Nutritional Science


Silvia Vilas Boas 2015

Double Major in Cell & Molecular Biology and Human Biology: Health and Disease and Minor in Biology

Zaldy Balde 2017

Specialist in Human Biology: Health and Disease, Major in Physiology, and Minor in Immunology

Yi Fei 2020

Specialist in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Claresta Adityana 2018

Double Major in Human Biology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Dr. Ashley Bruce, POP Faculty Advisor

Ashley Bruce is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology at the University of Toronto. She is a developmental biologist and her research focuses on how vertebrate embryos grow and develop to give rise to adult organisms.  She began POP as a means to highlight the diversity of interesting career options that are available to students in the Life Sciences.


Sree Nallamothu, POP Supervising Producer

Sree Nallamothu is a media arts educator, documentarian and independent producer. Her extensive experience in participatory media includes collaborations with a broad range of national and international organizations which include Sakshi Human Rights Watch in India, the Arab Jewish Community Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the Community TV Network in Chicago, and the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres. In addition to POP, she works as a field documentarian for VOICES Canada, an international global health research team on HIV/AIDS. 



Support for POP

POP has received support from the University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science Step Forward program, the Career Centre and the Department of Cell & Systems Biology. POP is currently funded by the Department of Cell & Systems Biology.



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